Terms and Conditions


Last Updated: 5th January 2021


  1. Website Ownership. After any outstanding balances per invoice have been paid in full to GUHP Ltd. All property created by GUHP Ltd relating to your invoice, is the legal property of yours. You will also own non-exclusive copyright of such, please refer to Clause 12. As hosting is maintained and provided via GUHP Ltd, we maintain control of the website as procedure. This ensures that design, accessibility and functionality is kept to the correct & high standard at all times. 


  1. Non-Disclosure. All material supplied by you (the client) in relation to your project/order will be kept with the strictest confidence and only shared with internal employees. This avoids unnecessary sharing of material and safe-guards our processes. Should you have any questions or concerns about your materials please email talk@guhp.co.uk


  1. Website Functionality. Your website may require you to have special access to an admin area/dashboard. This may be to manage your e-commerce store for processing orders, updating or adding new products or to provide any further services on behalf of your business. If this is the case, your website will be passed to you, for you to have access. It will be made available on the third party platform Editor X which is incredibly user-friendly. Please note that GUHP Ltd will remain as a contributor to your website to provide the standard services, maintenance, support & updates as required.


  1. Hosting & Attributing Payments/Fees. Hosting is a requirement of all websites. It’s what makes your website visible to the rest of the World. We supply our clients with some of the best rates for hosting. Hosting charges may vary depending on the type of site being hosted, i.e e-commerce. You may choose to pay for your hosting monthly or yearly with discounts being supplied for yearly payments. This also extends to domain name renewal and any other periodic services offered by GUHP Ltd. You understand by having your website designed and developed by GUHP Ltd that you cannot take your website to a different host in future. Please refer to Clause 3 regarding the movement of the site from GUHP Ltd’s control.Please note that under this contract GUHP Ltd may increase the current cost of your hosting with 1 months notice however this will not affect your other legal rights or responsibilities.


  1. Late Payments/Charges. Depending on your preference, you will be billed either monthly or yearly for your hosting and/or domain name with any other applicable products. Failure to make payment within 7 days of your invoice date may see your website being unpublished/restricted or removed, which means it will not be viewable to the public. You may also receive a late payment charge of £15.00 applied on each occasion of a late payment. 


  1. Domain Names. If we provide a domain name free of charge for 1 year or longer then we will register such domain name under the ownership of GUHP Ltd. Should you wish to cancel your contract of services with GUHP Ltd and take ownership of your domain name you should contact us to have it transferred to you. There may be a charge for this. Email us at talk@guhp.co.uk. If you are supplying your domain name then we only need access to the name servers and will not require any transfer of domain to us.


  1. Support & Maintenance. GUHP Ltd may include a support and maintenance package with your website. This includes upto 2 edits per month at no more than 1 hours work. This can include small updates to your website such as new images to be added, editing of text or other small tasks. GUHP Ltd will be on-hand to deal with any issues should they arise with the design and functionality with your website that would otherwise be operational. The correction of any errors or operational breakages will not be charged to you. Initial support and maintenance package lasts for 12 months which can then be extended at additional costs.


  1. Editing & Large Tasks. If you require larger edits and growth of your website then our designers can certainly help. You will provide a brief of what you would like to be updated/added. We will then provide a quote based on an hourly project cost of £50.00 per hour.


  1. Customer Discounts. As a client of GUHP Ltd, you are entitled to special discounts and offers across all services provided from branding, marketing, web and print. Contact us to find out what current offers are running at talk@guhp.co.uk


  1. Website Content. GUHP Ltd will use stock imagery and stock videos throughout your site unless otherwise stated. Unless purchased with our creative writing copy package, you will be asked to supply all textual content for your website. GUHP Ltd will accept no responsibility for the spelling, grammar or accuracy of your textual content unless provided by us under our creative writing copy package.


  1. Cancellation of Contract. You must provide a written notice of 30 days to cancel any ongoing services with GUHP Ltd.. Please note that all deposits and payments are non-refundable. Any outstanding balances owed to GUHP Ltd for services including hosting and domain renewal charges are still applicable and should be paid at the time of cancellation. Failure to make payment may lead to court action against you. Should you wish to cancel the contract, ownership of the website and any related services will be transferred to you for you to manage solely. To cancel please contact us at talk@guhp.co.uk. After cancellation, GUHP Ltd has no legal responsibilities or duty of care for the design, functionality or up-keep of your website.


  1. Advertising, Copyright and Intellectual Property. You agree that GUHP Ltd may use any materials created by such for publicity and/or advertising purposes across any platform that it may so wish. This may include branding, websites, videos or any other physical or digital materials produced by GUHP Ltd.

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