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Building Brands.

Your brand is not defined by your logo or how well your profile picture sits inside a cover photo. Your brand is defined by the products & services which you sell and how to draw the connection with your target customer. A logo is simply the face of your brand, but as a whole, your brand should tell a much larger story.

Digital Growth.

Imagine having a big fancy house with nobody to show it off to? This is exactly what happens with many websites and online stores. They are designed, built & left to their own devices. In the great words of Swayze, nobody puts baby in a corner! That's why our team focus on providing a long lasting relationship with our clients to ensure their digital footprint grows with their business.

Strategic Campaigns.

Sometimes it can be mind-boggling to come up with innovative campaigns that will ooze results and ultimately achieve your goals. Our team ensures that a strategic campaign, across social, digital or print, will be as affective as twitter banning trump! We drive forward thought-provoking concepts and campaigns that will poke-the-bear and cause a stir. We like disrupting the markets of our clients in order to achieve results.


Our team of graphic designers are true wizards! They can provide you with a full all-inclusive package to suit your needs. Some  of which may include;

Brand Conceptualising

Brand Development & Perception

Brand Positioning & Persona

Rebranding & Positioning

 Brand Naming & Tone of Voice


A vital part of any business is its content. Its digital assets that help with campaigns, advertising and brand together.

Corporate Photography

Product Photography

Creative Copywriting


Campaign Creation


We focus on understanding your brand, audience and business objectives to inform a digital strategy that is geared towards success.

Market Research & Insights

Customer Journey Mapping

Product Platform Strategy

Digital Roadmap Strategy

Campaign & Content Planning


Getting your business to the best space on the web is our objective. Our digital team will help with a full array of projects including;

UX/UI Design & Conceptualising

Web Design & Development

Full Stack Development

Analytics & SEO Optimisation

Online Advertising


A dedicated team who will take care of your fans! A social media presence can be the key to success for many industries and its how you connect which matters.

Social Tone of Voice

Experimental Reach

Review & Campaign Management


The flashy stuff! Our team of 3D motion designers and animators can create some eye-catching and stunning assets for your business or campaign. These services include;

3D Animation

2D Animated Illustration

Motion Graphics

Incredibly satisfied with the level of service and results achieved by GUHP for our most recent campaign. Highly recommended.

Patrick James

Think Clean would not be the company it is today without the assistance and support of the team at GUHP. Thank you! 

Sean McCulloch

Their creative team have been amazing at providing lots of different ideas for branding and helping grow our new business.

Cheryl Dorricott

what our client's say.


Read about some of the most important topics that are affecting todays creative industry.


Exploring new ideas and creating disruptive campaigns, and that is what makes us  - in the words of Tina Turner - simply the best.

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