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Identify is the first step in creating a brand that is polished, co-ordinated, and founded on a solid framework. It involves taking a step back, contemplating, and analysing the sector you’re operating within. Before we begin the creative process, we will take the time to develop a clear understanding of what is required for your brand to succeed. SEO Reports and in-depth brand analysis can be used to lead a detailed review of your current branding, but that isn’t the only way to gather the information that will help us build a better brand.


Competitor analysis is a valuable tool for this process. We take a look into how other brands are faring, which aspects of their branding are particularly striking, memorable, or successful, and in which areas they could improve. We can then apply our observations to your own brand and produce a strong foundation that equips you for success.


Market research also forms a large component of the Identify stage. We will develop an understanding of your potential customer base - what motivates them, what appeals to them, how they make their purchasing decisions, and how we can use that to your advantage in order to secure a loyal customer base. Engaging directly with your potential customers through a range of different techniques will unearth new viewpoints which can then be blended into the branding strategy.

Using the results of this examination, we can maximise the success of your brand by incorporating elements and ideas that are proven to be effective.

  • Competitor Analysis

  • SEO Report

  • Carbon Footprint Statement

  • Location Visits

  • Market Research

  • Brand Analysis


Develop is the stage where the creative process behind your brand begins to take shape, and where we start to establish a unique identity. Everything from the name to the colour palette, from the font family to the graphic design, carries connotations which affect the way the overall brand is perceived. We can help you to tackle those aspects of creative design with a focus on communicating your brand’s values and ideas. We will advise you on which creative choices align with the personality of your brand and express authenticity whilst at the same time corresponding with what we learned in the previous stage. The seamless blending of these two qualities will result in a unique brand identity.


Once we’ve developed a unique visual identity for your brand, we can go on to generate concepts such as marketing materials, a website wireframe, UX and UI designs, and any other content that relies on strong branding to be effective. Conceptualising should be considerably more straightforward once we have a firm understanding of what you aim to achieve with your branding and what each aspect of your brand is contributing to its overall perception.

With our experience and insight, we will pull concepts together and create a distinctive brand identity.

  • Brand Naming

  • Brandprint & Identity

  • Marketing Materials

  • Content Creation

  • UX & UI Design

  • Journey Mapping

  • Wireframing & Conceptualising

  • Storyboarding


Construct is the final step of creating your brand, where the creative vision comes to life. This is the stage where everything comes together, evolving from disconnected ideas and concepts into tangible assets and a complete brand that’s ready to enter the market. Essentially, this is when we will put the finishing touches on every aspect of your branding and bring it all together into a powerful brand launch.


A successful brand launch consists of a coordinated campaign which might incorporate web development, social media strategy, creating comprehensive brand guidelines, and more advanced creative projects such as photography, printing, motion graphics, animation, and copywriting. Patience and time management are required to ensure that each part of your brand is fully prepared before the brand launch, as a smooth and synchronised launch increases your reach and underlines the professionalism of your brand. With ample experience in this field, we are well-equipped to navigate that crucial phase in your brand development.

These different components, when complete, will come together to form a strong collective which is consistent, reflective of the values you aim to associate with your brand, and in keeping with the important brand characteristics identified in the early research stage.

We will take care of the process of finalising and launching your brand, ensuring that you start off on the right foot.

  • Brand Launch

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Print & Design

  • Web Development

  • Photography

  • Copywriting

  • Motion Graphics

  • Animation

  • Product Design

  • Social Media Management

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