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Business Diversification During COVID-19: Sanitiser Guys

COVID-19 has completely transformed the business landscape for companies of all sectors and sizes, demanding a need for diversification. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the resilience and forward-thinking approach of many businesses has resulted in new ventures to keep up with changing demands.

For the team at Blue Parrot Events Group, the pandemic quickly affected their thriving business as the Scottish events industry was hit hard. With 15 full-time staff to keep employed and determination to save their company, the guys took a leap of faith and diversified their business in a whole new direction and Sanitiser Guys was born.

The desire to make my family proud by keeping our team in employment is the single driver behind not only staying motivated but planning to grow and develop our business in the long term”

Despite many industries being unable to operate due to restrictions, the owners of Blue Parrot Events used the opportunity to pivot their business and tap into the industries that were flourishing. Sanitiser Guys provide a range of PPE and personal hygiene products including scented sanitiser, protective screens, sanitiser stations and more.

In what ways have you used your resources, skills and experience to diversifying your business?

In true entrepreneurial spirit, the team diversified their business using the skillsets and machinery available from their core business, but for a whole different cause.

We have provided a large number of sanitiser stations to a number of industries ranging from the construction industry to hospitals throughout Scotland”

Utilizing their CNC machinery, laser cutters and corporate connections, they soon established a range of products for new and existing customers. Tapping into the need for sanitising solutions, they’ve been able to create an in-house track and trace system as well as bespoke products for a number of corporate clients.

What were the first responses like to Sanitiser Guys and how was the business developed throughout the pandemic?

The initial response to Sanitiser Guys was extremely positive as the importance of the products and services that were being offered was greatly appreciated.

We had originally started the business by assisting a number of charities with the provision of PPE during the much-documented PPE shortage in the UK”

From here, the business saw a natural surge in orders throughout the pandemic as demand grew and what started as a small selection of products expanded into an evergrowing range. Today clients include those from the medical industry, small businesses, charities and corporate companies and this continues to grow across the UK.

What has been the biggest challenge while creating your new business?

Diversifying your business or going in a new direction can be daunting even pre-covid, but the team behind Sanitiser Guys have embraced the change and continued to prosper as they learn the ropes of their new venture.

We could quite literally write a book about the lessons that have been learned over the last 10 months, however, the biggest challenge has been adjusting to new ways of working as we adapted to a full production company”

The guys are now accustomed to working hours and late nights as they go above and beyond to meet order deadlines. Around the clock, summer 2020 was their busiest period as every team member adapted to the new expectations of running a demanding business in the midst of the pandemic.

What has been the most exciting part of creating Sanitiser Guys?

The guys have really taken the bull by the horns at every stage of creating Sanitiser Guys. Creativity has never been in short demand as throughout their journey not only have they launched a successful influencer campaign but have created and developed new products that have been welcomed by customers.

“ … it’s been pleasing to have adapted and built a brand new business in such a short space of time”

A true example of diversification at its finest, the business has pulled together by every single team member to create something amazing.

How are you staying motivated and maintaining your entrepreneurial spirit throughout the pandemic?

The last 10 months have been non-stop for Sanitiser Guys. Despite uncertainty, the team have remained positive and continued to put their best foot forward to make their venture the success that it is.

The way in which our team have embraced it and been keen to develop it further has also been extremely pleasing...without their support and dedication, we wouldn’t have achieved the success we have to date”

The response from the public as well as the commitment from their staff has played a huge role in not only staying motivated but staying business-minded and passionate about what they do.

Do you plan on continuing Sanitiser Guys post-covid and what are your plans for Blue Parrot events?

You can expect to see more of Sanitiser Guys as they have no plans of slowing! They hope to grow the brand and work with the local community going back to their charitable roots.

Don’t forget to check out Sanitiser Guys online and via their social media pages!


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