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Lights, Camera, Action.

We know it’s important to look just as good behind the camera, as it is in front of it. Meraki are a group of talented and passionate people who are hugely driven by their creative visions. With a diverse skillset they’re able to work on anything from commercials, to brand films, to social media campaigns, and documentary. So we kept all of that in mind when designing Meraki’s new website and branding. We were very pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with another group of talented creative minds in order to help them and create a new, modern, and fresh style for both their website and branding.


Branding & Guidelines

Marketing Kit

UX & Visual Design

Web Development

Motion Graphics & Animation


Meraki Creatives



Fresh, Edgy, Modern.

With a simple, effective and easily to navigate layout, Meraki’s site is able to reflect and highlight the culture and image of the brand.

Zero. Compromises.

One of Meraki’s concerns when designing the new site was the amount of video content they had, and being able to highlight it in an effective and visually appealing manner. However by using a functional design that allowed multiple case studies to be put onto the website without impeding or negatively affecting the user experience.

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